Urban access and minute parking management software suite

The Viasoft software suite, developed by CITINNOV, is a client / server solution dedicated to centralized management of pedestrian areas and minute parking spaces.

Two main softwares :

  • VIASOFT GTC, centrally manages all access sites at community level, in relation by the use of intercom and video surveillance
  • VIASOFT GDA, manages subscriber rights, in particular access authorizations, their duration and frequency.

These two software are full Web, and can be used separately.


Viasoft GTC software logo

More than 1000 access sites managed by dozens of installations in local communities.

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  • Cartography: zoom, movement, multiplicity of maps
  • Remote management of sites through intercom and cameras
  • Bollard remote control
  • Alarm and event management
  • Video records viewing
  • Historization of operating quality of sites

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More than 100,000 subscribed users

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User management

  • Management of user access authorizations according to their profile (time slots, days of authorization, number of passages, duration of presence in the area, ...)
  • Multiple identification medium (badge, remote control, digital code, QR code, license plate, ...)


    Smartphone application for users, providing real-time information on:
  • the duration of authorized presence in the area
  • time of entry and exit
  • the entry site

This application can also be used by community officials, through the vehicle's license plate, for presence control in the area.

This software solution replaces the use of paper printed tickets.